About Us

Great! My fellow homebodies!! I'm so glad you found my website!  I started this company in 2022 following the financial repercussions from COVID-19.  I believe in providing great home decorations so after that long day at work, you can come home to a well decorated home to enjoy your well deserved time off!  With a recent move, I discovered the importance of the feng shui of your home!  After coming home from a long day of work and not being able to relax, I figured it out!  I lacked the positive energy of having well decorated home!  THAVI is where it's at!  We at THAVI want to provide our fellow homebodies a sense of relief and relaxation when they get home!  Our products not only provides this calm energy, but at a low cost!  We at THAVI greatly appreciate your generosity, kindness, and support during these difficult times.  Have a great day and enjoy your newly decorated home!!